ever have someone tell you to stand up straight? look you in the eye when they're talking?


the closing of the american mind by Alan Bloom — or — the author’s admission that he is old, useless and in the way.

Allan Bloom is a hysterical, raving, reactionary lunatic. He and his academia ilk are exactly the reason why education teaches kids nothing, because they know absolutely zero about the children they’re supposed to teach. mostly, this book is little more than a “get off my lawn” diatribe against any and all (race, sex, drugs, rock […]

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From “The Apiary”

Where is their hive and why did you settle for mechanized translation back and forth as intentional language. There is something to two bodies in a room, working in parallel. We were no less careful than I have been with anyone else (and I have been with…) The desire to be born works its way back and spills over the rim of the condom. If through carelessness I could remake you.

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message in a body

The girl on the bike in front of me keeps showing me her panties. Well, only the band of them as she’s hunched over pedaling. But I can see their outline good enough through her shorts. “Sugoi,” it says across the band — I bet it means something in another language. We’ve been leap frogging each other since Fulton and Divisadero, even though I’ve been more than willing to lag behind and watch her calves flex under her olive skin.

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