ever have someone tell you to stand up straight? look you in the eye when they're talking?


the closing of the american mind by Alan Bloom — or — the author’s admission that he is old, useless and in the way.

Allan Bloom is a hysterical, raving, reactionary lunatic. He and his academia ilk are exactly the reason why education teaches kids nothing, because they know absolutely zero about the children they’re supposed to teach. mostly, this book is little more than a “get off my lawn” diatribe against any and all (race, sex, drugs, rock […]

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books about books

I’m reading Nelson Algren’s “Notes from a Sea Diary: Hemingway all the way,” and came across this brilliant nugget in the story entitled, “July 14th Raft of a Summer Night.” Algren was wailing away at editors, publishers and critics regarding so many classic books being out of print, yet so many of those same classic’s […]

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Adam’s Tongue

Language makes us human, Derek Bickerton asserts in “Adam’s Tongue”, not the other way around. Humans simply could not have taken the evolutionary leap out of the savannas without it. However, contrary to common belief, language isn’t as simple as a straight line evolution from the myriad of animal calls exhibited by our genealogical ancestors.

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Stuffed & Starved

This is not a cheery, feel good book regardless of what the back cover blurbs say. Being hungry and getting fed is serious business for everyone—the starving farmer, GMO seed companies, the multi-national distributors and the end consumer. Raj Patel gets right down to the meaty heart of the most under reported and least understood of all the vital services—food—its production, transportation and distribution.

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The Elephant Vanishes

“The Elephant Vanishes” is a collection of subtly odd, twisting stories where the quirks and kinks of life aren’t looked upon as burdens, rather as just another way of being. A young couple, aching with hunger, decide to rob a McDonald’s of burgers and Cokes to assuage their conscience—and appetite. Reduced people deliver Sony TV’s into apartments and offices—uninvited—but yet people refuse to acknowledge them or their televisions. A dancing dwarf is wanted by the leaders of a revolution, for crimes no one remembers or understands.

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Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned

“Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned,” Walter Mosley’s novel told in short stories about the post-penitentiary existence of the conflicted and haunted Socrates Fortlow. Socrates is a living paradox, a man of esteemed principles yet he did 27 years for murder and rape, someone quick to offer another a helping hand and just as quick to use those hands to knock the living shit out of a person should he be crossed.

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