ever have someone tell you to stand up straight? look you in the eye when they're talking?


2:34 AM on a Tuesday

who feels gypped after a drunk fuck? only the guy in the next apartment over listening to it through the walls while he can’t sleep. up worrying about every little problem that ever flashed across his path because he can’t grip it in his hands. squeeze those problems around the neck until the head just […]

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help defeat “SOPA” H.R.3261

Non-writing related, however if H.R. 3261 does pass, it will most certainly effect the way you consume your media, books included.

While the Stop Online Piracy Act sounds like it might be a good thing, it really isn’t. It puts the ability to censor websites and their content in the hands of major corporations and the enforcement of such in the hands of third-party ISP’s, completely foregoing legal due-process for any who might be targeted.

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message in a body

The girl on the bike in front of me keeps showing me her panties. Well, only the band of them as she’s hunched over pedaling. But I can see their outline good enough through her shorts. “Sugoi,” it says across the band — I bet it means something in another language. We’ve been leap frogging each other since Fulton and Divisadero, even though I’ve been more than willing to lag behind and watch her calves flex under her olive skin.

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