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media giants

help defeat “SOPA” H.R.3261

Non-writing related, however if H.R. 3261 does pass, it will most certainly effect the way you consume your media, books included.

While the Stop Online Piracy Act sounds like it might be a good thing, it really isn’t. It puts the ability to censor websites and their content in the hands of major corporations and the enforcement of such in the hands of third-party ISP’s, completely foregoing legal due-process for any who might be targeted.

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books about books

I’m reading Nelson Algren’s “Notes from a Sea Diary: Hemingway all the way,” and came across this brilliant nugget in the story entitled, “July 14th Raft of a Summer Night.” Algren was wailing away at editors, publishers and critics regarding so many classic books being out of print, yet so many of those same classic’s […]

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One-Night Stands, Three-Day Benders, and the Occasional Violent Assault: The paul harrison Interview

WIN a signed copy of paul harrison’s meet me at gethsemane (mulla mulla press, 2011)! To enter the drawing, leave one (1) comment at the end of this blogpost feature. Comment must include a poem–your own poem or any poem you like–and your name. Bots are not eligible. Deadline: Thursday, March 17, 2011, 11:59 PM, […]

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