ever have someone tell you to stand up straight? look you in the eye when they're talking?


From “The Apiary”

Where is their hive and why did you settle for mechanized translation back and forth as intentional language. There is something to two bodies in a room, working in parallel. We were no less careful than I have been with anyone else (and I have been with…) The desire to be born works its way back and spills over the rim of the condom. If through carelessness I could remake you.

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Don DeLillo’s hefty thome of the last half of the American 20th century. From “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World”, the Cold War, the Texas Highway Killer and toxic waste, DeLillo chronicles it all through the eyes of a Bronx family and their neighbors, lovers and co-workers.

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Lucky Jim

Lucky Jim Kingsely Amis Penguin Classics buy at amazon In Lucky Jim, Amis introduces us to Jim Dixon, a junior lecturer at a British college who spends his days fending off the legions of malevolent twits that populate the school. His job is in constant danger, often for good reason. Lucky Jim hits the heights […]

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larry walker me

I was laying on my back in the front yard resting my head on my greased up and dog-eared copy of “How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive”, hoping for something to happen. The rent had run out and our landlord, an old, bow-legged Mexican with a full set of gold teeth and Brahma Bull decals […]

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