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should sports franchises be considered businesses?

Can’t make sense of the NFL or NBA lockout situations or their implications? You’re not alone. Hard caps. TV revenues. Guaranteed money. These are hardly the battle cries of a typical labor dispute. Well, maybe that’s because pro sports franchises really aren’t you’re typical business. In fact Malcolm Gladwell argues: they aren’t really businesses at […]

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Adam’s Tongue

Language makes us human, Derek Bickerton asserts in “Adam’s Tongue”, not the other way around. Humans simply could not have taken the evolutionary leap out of the savannas without it. However, contrary to common belief, language isn’t as simple as a straight line evolution from the myriad of animal calls exhibited by our genealogical ancestors.

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Riding Towards Everywhere

“Riding Towards Everywhere,” Bill Vollmann’s book about “catching out”—hobo slang for riding a freight train without permission—romanticizes the forgotten conveyance and freightage of Manifest Density and the Westward expansion of the United States. The railways built this country. It wasn’t really until the 1950’s that we had an Interstate Highway System. Most people, but not Bill, forget that.

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