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should sports franchises be considered businesses?

Can’t make sense of the NFL or NBA lockout situations or their implications? You’re not alone. Hard caps. TV revenues. Guaranteed money. These are hardly the battle cries of a typical labor dispute. Well, maybe that’s because pro sports franchises really aren’t you’re typical business. In fact Malcolm Gladwell argues: they aren’t really businesses at […]

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DOJ’s take on the Settlement

The U.S. Department of Justice has weighed in on the Google Book Settlement saying that currently, it violates the Sherman Act. This is probably the death nail for this sucker in its current form. Although both sides say they will continue negotiating, many are wondering who they are negotiating for, as many of the stakeholders/rightsholders […]

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bad turn for Google Book Settlement (and all the authors in the house say HO!)

Thanks to true grassroots activism on the part of authors everywhere, the House Judiciary sub-committee is looking into the legality of the snowjob “Settlement” proposed by Google and the Author’s Guild. Marybeth Peters, of the U.S. Register of Copyrights, dealt a terrible blow to the deal in her opening comments saying the Settlement was “fundamentally at odds with the law.”

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