ever have someone tell you to stand up straight? look you in the eye when they're talking?


Note to you

Your dog isn’t the most important person on the planet next to you because, frankly, that stupid mutt isn’t a person at all. In light of this please stop bringing that shit-stained, shedding fleabag into the grocery store while you troll the isles for locally sourced gluten-free pork belly, free-range artisan Siracha infused jelly beans […]

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Cooking Dirty

Never look at your favorite restaurant in the same way thanks to, “Cooking Dirty,” another tome in the long line of kitchen exposé books. Part memoir, part confessional, Jason Sheehan serves up the typical gross out “you won’t believe what happens before that souffle gets to your table” stories that inundate the foodie world. Sheehan, however, does it better than most, and importantly, doesn’t take himself too seriously as he chronicles his experiences during the long hours spent in commercial kitchens.

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Stuffed & Starved

This is not a cheery, feel good book regardless of what the back cover blurbs say. Being hungry and getting fed is serious business for everyone—the starving farmer, GMO seed companies, the multi-national distributors and the end consumer. Raj Patel gets right down to the meaty heart of the most under reported and least understood of all the vital services—food—its production, transportation and distribution.

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