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One-Night Stands, Three-Day Benders, and the Occasional Violent Assault: The paul harrison Interview

WIN a signed copy of paul harrison’s meet me at gethsemane (mulla mulla press, 2011)! To enter the drawing, leave one (1) comment at the end of this blogpost feature. Comment must include a poem–your own poem or any poem you like–and your name. Bots are not eligible. Deadline: Thursday, March 17, 2011, 11:59 PM, […]

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Cooking Dirty

Never look at your favorite restaurant in the same way thanks to, “Cooking Dirty,” another tome in the long line of kitchen exposé books. Part memoir, part confessional, Jason Sheehan serves up the typical gross out “you won’t believe what happens before that souffle gets to your table” stories that inundate the foodie world. Sheehan, however, does it better than most, and importantly, doesn’t take himself too seriously as he chronicles his experiences during the long hours spent in commercial kitchens.

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