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our submission guidelines:

slouch is a West Coast magazine dedicated to storytelling. A unique voice, interesting wordplay or compelling subject matter won’t hook a reader without a solid, well told story.

We couldn’t do it without you. what are you waiting for? Read, write, revise, revise again, revise again, revise again… and submit!

Before you submit, keep in mind the web format. meter, subject and length are crucial components that will make you a success or the recipient of a form rejection letter. Actually, we don’t have a form rejection letter, so you’ll receive a personal rejection letter. Good for you.

West Coast means West Coast, not Indiana or New York or Montana or Colorado or Vermont or Florida or Kansas. If you do not put in the body of your submission email at least the city you live in or if you do live east of Lake Tahoe, we won’t even bother to respond to your submission as you haven’t even bothered to read the submission guidelines. This cannot be stressed enough. There are plenty of magazines that cater almost exclusively to locales and cultures. slouch is one of them.

If you have a tight piece you’d like to send, please send it in the body of an email addressed to editor[at]slouchmag[dot]com. Please put “submission” in the subject line.

read and reviewed:

We welcome reader participation and would love to hear about the cool, interesting or moving book you just read. The book doesn’t have to be new or recently re-released, but let us know why you think it’s relevant. We aren’t looking for hatchet jobs or literary criticism, simply a general summation of the plot and why it’s important to you. 500 words or less.

If you have a slick review, please send it in the body of an email addressed to editor[at]slouchmag[dot]com. Please put “review query” in the subject line.

contact slouch:

General inquiries: slouch[at]slouchmag[dot]com. Put “inquiry” in the subject line.

Site related issues: slouch[at]slouchmag[dot]com. Put “web site issue” in the subject line.

for a good time:

Call your mom. I did. It was.