ever have someone tell you to stand up straight? look you in the eye when they're talking?


Yes, even I am occasionally published in other magazines besides my own.

You can check out the current and past issues of Air in the Paragraph Line, and learn everything you could possibly want about it’s publisher, Jon Konrath, here.

Air in the Paragraph Line number 12 has just come out, published by a good Slouch friend, Jon Konrath. For those who don’t know, AITPL is a yearly magazine featuring weird, absurdist and out of the ordinary fiction. This issue’s theme is, “paranoid/insane” and features 23 stories by 15 writers. Not to toot my own flute but I am one of those writers. My story is called, “here for this” and is about a person struggling through thirty days at a detox house. Other authors include, Authors include Grant Bailie, Keith Buckley, Tony Byrer, Kurt Eisenlohr, Rebel Star Hobson, Stephen Huffman, Jon Konrath, R. Lee, Erin O’Brien, John Sheppard, Joseph Suglia, Todd Taylor, and Richard K. Weems.

There are two video trailers on You Tube, and AITPL is currently for sale at Lulu and Amazon. Also check out AITPL website for past issues and whatever crazy shit they’re promoting. Support indie publishing and buy an issue if you can.

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