ever have someone tell you to stand up straight? look you in the eye when they're talking?

Creamy Bullets

Creamy Bullets
Kevin Samspell
Chiasmus Press
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probably the best titled book of the year. this is a collection of short-shorts, medium length and longer stories by PDX’s Kevin Sampsell. “Trails”, a short one about a fish named Teller that grows hair, is a perfect example of Sampsell’s mastery of the short-short (flash fiction) story. he knows just exactly the right words to relay to the reader, letting them paint precise and concise pictures that tell a story more in depth than 500 words will allow a lesser writer. too often, a flash piece is either a broken, disjointed ramble without context, or an ambiguous idea that is poorly hashed out. not here, Kevin’s stories about sexual frustration, weird situtations and tender momements that exist between all that will certainly touch you. maybe in some place naughty, definitely in a place unexpected.

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