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Danger City

Danger City
Contemporary Press
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“Danger City” is a collection of short stories from a lot of talented, but relatively unknown, authors (Mike Welch, Mike Segretto, Todd Robinson, Jeffery, Kuczmarski, Vinnie Penn, Sean Beaudoin, Jon McCarron, Carl Moore, Dana Fredsti, Jeff Somers, Roman Bojanski, Jeff Dinsmore, Mike Cipra). this is definitely dude fiction, right up our alley.

just read, “In Search of Johnny Three-Legs”, by Mike Welch. this is the first story in the collection, about a private detective, Rex, in (where else) L.A. hired by (who else) a sexy dame, to find a three legged dog that loves to sleep with his taxidemied fourth leg. the private dick is in his office, doing a whole lot of nothing,

In one year, I’ve only handled two insurance frauds, and a cheating wife case. The insurance frauds were boring work and the cheating wife was my own, Kathleen.

And then *she* walked in.

hamming up the genre dialog, Welch’s writing plows quickly through the plot. instead of hunting for the dog, which could get Rex the money he needs plus win him favors with the sexy dame, he heads off to the Thirsty Liver and does Bukowski proud. Rex does find the dog, by accident, and returns him to the dame’a house. who else should be there, but his cheating wife (didn’t he already work this case?). this is where things get good. instead of some bullshit argument scene where the author works out his not so subtle frustrations against the opposite sex, Welch has Rex stab the cheating bitch and bash her head in.


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