ever have someone tell you to stand up straight? look you in the eye when they're talking?

picture me rollin’

is the title of my recently finished first novel, and… it’s done. whew. that was a lot of work. seriously. 75% of the book was written in a flurry since July, which would explain the lack of posts here, the crazed look in my eye and the fact that i no longer have any friends.

i had the manuscript edited by someone i trust and they came back and told me it was one of the cleanest manuscripts they’d ever seen. there’s a tip for all you on the path to your first book. even the littlest things mean a lot. write, read, read aloud, edit, edit, edit, then edit again. never say, ‘good enough.’ you have to put the work in to be taken seriously. and did i mention, it’s a lot of fuckin’ work?

i learned so much while i was writing about myself, about writing and about the business. it was truly a work of joy, and now, i’m already on to the next book.

PMR is on it’s way to agents, so wish me luck, friends.

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