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OBR #19… Finally

As some of you may know, I have a little something to do with the great mag Oyster Boy Review. Years ago, when I was struggling, trying to be a writer, churning out “BB&B” ( Blood, Babes and Booze ) stories, the editor in chief, Damon Suave, gave me encouragement, pointers and finally, a chance. I owe him a lot for all those things. OBR was my favorite magazine, it had raw, honest stories; the kind I liked to read and write.

But sadly, the unfortunate death of Kevin McGowan — THE contributor — and Damon starting a family put OBR on a long hiatus. Six plus years, in fact.

Now, OBR is back. OBR just released issue #19 and is following it up with a literary supplement that is at the printers as I type. As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy resurrecting the mag, there were literally tons of manuscripts to go through (even though OBR stopped taking subs back in ’07. Writers, kindly READ the submission guidelines before you submit, dammit) we had to track down previously accepted authors, beg forgiveness and humbly ask for their patience. It took almost two years to put it together, but I’d argue that it’s just as strong and potent as any previous issue.

I’ve got a piece both in the regular issue, “The Dog Lady,” about a lonely middle aged lady who grows pot, frequents Jon Benet Ramsey chat rooms and imagines she’s the inventor of the Intel Pentium chip and one piece in the lit supplement, the first and only of what was to be on going column entitled “Teachings of the Bastard Messiah,” that fell between the cracks in the years between issues.

Pick one up for yourself from the website, if so you feel inclined. Also, Damon will be at the Sanchez Annex Grotto open house with issues in hand, if you’re planning on attending. June 10th, 6pm-ish 451 Sanchez St, here in the City.

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