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Self-Published Titles Skyrocket

according to PW Daily.

Not sure if this is a good thing or what. While I certainly don’t side with the traditional Publisher-Author model, my reasons for it are mostly financial. The authors simply don’t get a big enough cut for their work. However, the submission process, the vetting, the editing, sales gauging I do believe are important. You can’t just create art in a vacuum and throw it up on Scribd or LuLu for sale. Just because your mom thinks it’s good doesn’t mean that it is. Valid work must be judged by your peers and deemed worthy. There must be a process of weeding out the ego seekers, the fledgling players, the no talent hacks who frankly don’t deserved to be published. And for all it’s flaws, that’s what the current system does do positively.

While I’m sure there are marginalized legitimate authors who find these channels to be their only way, I’m guessing that their numbers are quite a few less the the several hundred thousand self-published last year. They call it “vanity press” for a reason.

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