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Lit Quake X

We’re two weeks away from the tenth Lit Quake. Are you excited? While sure, the folks at LQ are trotting out the usual suspects (Edgers, Tan and all the other names you see year after year and wonder, when will something NEW come along), but come on, you probably wouldn’t show up if you didn’t recognize the names, right?

Checking over the schedule quick, the Punk Rock reading looks cool, but where are the original Bay Punks like DK, the Fuckettes, Bad Posture and the like? I dig how they’re bringing the kids along though with Kid Quake, start ‘em young. And of course, there’s always the Lit Crawl, which is on the 20th anniversary of Loma Prieta.

Me? I’m reading the 11th, 7.30pm at The MakeOut Room. Come by, say hi, buy me a drink.

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