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B&N hires illegals, then fucks them

Worker exploitation does not only happen in 3rd world countries. It happens right here too.

A Barnes and Noble warehouse in Reno announced the firing of 50 known illegal immigrants after a routine audit by US Immigration and Customs requested I-9′s for all the warehouse employees. All of these workers were unable to provide immigration status documents when they were hired, but yet they continued to work for B&N, until the government got involved. Some of the illegals had worked with B&N for over five years. These employees were were not given any notice, but were fired immediately, some only got a phone call. This type of hiring/firing with illegal immigrants is commonplace in farm and manual labor jobs, where they will be hired on at peak times for substandard wages and let go before they can collect higher pay and before ICE gets involved.

The fifty illegals should not be working in this country without proper papers, but once they were hired by B&N, they deserved to be treated like human beings with dignity and not as toss away labor.

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