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November, 2011

help defeat “SOPA” H.R.3261

Non-writing related, however if H.R. 3261 does pass, it will most certainly effect the way you consume your media, books included.

While the Stop Online Piracy Act sounds like it might be a good thing, it really isn’t. It puts the ability to censor websites and their content in the hands of major corporations and the enforcement of such in the hands of third-party ISP’s, completely foregoing legal due-process for any who might be targeted.

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Mad Libs

“I bet somebody makes a lot of money writing Mad Libs,” she said, brushing her rolled cigarette against her lips before taking a drag. “They’re probably fucking rolling in it.” “I got these in the dollar bin,” I said. “I was just walking by and I saw them there and suddenly I wasn’t in San […]

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