ever have someone tell you to stand up straight? look you in the eye when they're talking?

May, 2007

wherein an experimental rocket is launched from a local coastal air force base

The rocket was of the Lariat Series and although it would soon be phased out, the Lariat’s premise was simple enough with regards to anti-ballistic missile defense. cheapest kamagra uk A Lariat could be fired from any U.S. military installation or submarine in the world. us cialis pharmacy If enemy missiles were detected—fired from […]


maybe this is what happened

On October 31, fishermen in Otay Mesa, California found a bloated body on the shore of Otay Lake. It was a white man with black hair and a mustache. The fishermen would not have seen the mustache because the face was rooting into the sand, having rocked deeper into pebbles and silt with the current […]



The last thing I shredded, his birth certificate, jammed the machine. Pretty frills stuffed the margins. The shredder’s teeth tangled in the thick cream bond. The only thing that made that certificate appropriate for Edgar was that it had been typed out on a crooked typewriter. The e twisted so that the next letter got […]

jealousy is policy

There’s the girl who loves chocolate and eats nothing but cake. She eats her lunch in the shack, outside by the recycling bins. We can never find her when a customer comes for her. Sometimes the customers get mad and kick over tables. Whenever I eat in the back room, I keep an eye on […]

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“When you introduce me to people please don’t use the initials “L.A.”,” I say to a friend upon arriving in Portland. “Say I’m from California.” “Okay,” the friend says. “Los Angeles is even better than “L.A.”.” “Right.” “I have a button up shirt that says L.A., but I wear it as a joke.” “Did they […]

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